Our Commitment to give back 

Our Inspiration


Ruby foundation was introduced to friends, family and colleagues in the summer of 2012 in memory of Ruby May Smith (my grandmother) who sadly passed away from Cancer, aged 71. Originally from the West Indies, to her friends and family she played a significant role in their lives by providing support to those who needed it the most.


Ruby was a religious woman and a lasting memory of her was she always prayed for peace and humanity around the world. More importantly, a legacy she left me with is that you cannot keep taking from your environment – you have to give back and with this the RUBY foundation evolved!





Our Foundation 


The RUBY foundation is a community interest organisation that offers Mentoring, Guidance, Practical Work Experience and Vocational Training to young people aged between 11-19 years old.


Since 2012, our dedicated team have been conducting research to establish why there is such a degradation between the young people in our communities and what can we do in order to strategically rebuild the unity between them?


Research suggests one of the biggest barriers for young people is the inability to communicate effectively with peers, parents, schools and the community. Communication is the process in which information and meaning is exchanged and without effective communication, it is almost impossible for the information to be processed by the recipient and vice-verse.


Communication is not however the only barrier our young people experience and aside from opening up the lines of communication, our core aims are to:-

  • Provide a platform where young people can communicate effectively in asecure and controlled environment
  • Support self-development and encourage young entrepreneurs to be successful
  • Continually explore thedegradation of our youth culture in order to bridge the gap
  • Support schools and the local authorities in reducing social deprivation
  • Provide emotional and physical support through meta-cognition and self-regulating strategies
  • Provide resources which will enable self-development and progression
  • Reinforce positive behaviour by providing fun, relevant and rewarding programs


Our dedicated and experienced team at the RUBY foundation, like my grandmother have considered its environment and are committed to ‘giving back’!!

Making the strategic decisions to enter the youth mentoring industry by providing a platform through the use of media has been an exciting but anxious time. We have listened to the young people within our community and provided them with platforms that are fun but challenging. 


We engage our young people by allowing them to express their views on relevant issues which affect their day-to-day lives; to reach out to their peers and alike and to also provide the tools needed to make an educated decision as theymature.


Engaging young people through media will open up the lines of communication in an era where social media and social networks advance to become an effective and acceptable way of communicating and through practical experience, we illustrate that with hard work and dedication comes SUCCESS.


On behalf of the RUBY team, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone and our official supporters for their continued support and commitment as we begin a long journey of REBUILDING UNITY BETWEEN YOUTHS.


Warm Regards, 


Katuchia Palumbo

Founder & Managing Director

Our passion behind the RUBY Foundation and also personal to me, is the passion to giving children a voice to be heard and the skills and ability to express themselves.


Learning to communicate effectively using different media outlets, will instil confidence in our young people and support both academic and personal goals.


Coming from a background where music was and still is a major influence in my life and culture; where music is used to express and communicate our thoughts, feelings and desires, I taught myself how to use music to engage, motivate and uplift my audience from a young age as a DJ.


         .....Music speaks one language!


Young people today unfortunately do not have a voice loud enough or have the resources to be heard. So I want the world community to give our future a better chance and support the efforts to their success.


I say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and our children are individual works of Art!


I look forward to working with our young children, parents and communities who commit to 



Warm Regards, 


Kadesh Beckford

Director of Operations  

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Ruby May Smith 

1930 - 2001

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